As the very name says, a mod app is the shortened name of the word modified. It means the app has been further developed by an independent community of programmers. There is no involvement of the original owner of the app. In other words, the company, group or individual owning the app patent, is not involved in the app upgradation and feature enhancement. The mod APK stands for modified Android Package. Many mod apps have several add-on or bundled features like unlocked features as against the original release,unlimited currency for many games,additional support sources, other type of modifications like Spyware and Malware. The main thing to be noted here is that external developers make all these changes. They could be anybody including you or me, interested to help all
those app users of the world. The aim is give such users a better experience.In a normal scenario, the user downloads their apps from the Google Play store, App store (by Apple) or other digital stores of the world. There are other stores also – apart from these two. All the APK’s is of course taken from the Google Play store. However, the mod APK’s
differ in the sense that it is not available on Google’s play store. It is either taken from the internet directly or send via a contact. It can be directly installed on the phone hardware by just clicking on the APK file. It is necessary for users to know the sources of availability, the legal aspect and the support given for these apps and the level of safety. It does not mean that mod apps have to be avoided. On the contrary it brings about a lot of benefits as regards to features. This is especially so in the case of games and related apps. However, it is always better that user of these apps belong to a certain community or group of mod developers. They can get the desired level of support, protection and guidance. It is interesting to know how the mod works. In fact, the modifications to the code is done
by hacking the coded application developed by the company that has released the original app. Such a modification is a form of hacking and it unlocks many of the features that original developers wanted to release to the users for a price. On the flip side, it leads to a drawback known as the buggy behaviour. It carries the risk of hanging of the phone and sometimes even crashing. This can lead to the smartphone becoming unusable even for the
basic function like calling. Most of the mod apps are on Android and there are hardly any mods on App store. There
are increasing numbers of Android users who are taking into mod apps through known sources. After all, who would not like to have access to unlocked features without paying anything extra. In the games category, Clash of Clans is a good example of this. The users in this game can have access to as many Gold, Elixir and Gems through mods. There is no additional cost involved. If it was the original app, then it would have been at a price for every extra level. A more popular example is the GB WhatsApp. It is a mod app and there are many additional features in this. Through GB WhatsApp, users can send broadcast message to 600 users in one go. It can also forward or sent 90 images in a single click. It is almost 3 times of that through the normal WhatsApp. Another difference is that GB can be used with 255 characters. Finally, the cool thing is that mod can run along with the official version of the WhatsApp using more than one number on the same phone.

Access to mod apps A restrictive feature of mod apps is that one will not find it everywhere. If the user is not
part of any community of mod users, then it calls for a little bit of searching and browsing. But of course, there are many options available.

Some of the websites which give details of the many mod apps are as given –

ApkDimod – This gives mod apps that fall in the genre of games, arcade role playing and similar categories like stimulation, puzzle, sports, role playing, strategy. It has a good collection of Android APK mods that users can select from. It has apps right from 2015 onwards. There are updated posts on the right side of the webpage wherein new releases are mentioned.

Android 1 – This is another really useful site that has a lot of mod APK’s and also rooted apps (gaining access to the root application to make any changes). It is an informative site with lots of articles, blogs, post and the latest information on other tools and latest development in the mod APK’s. So, apart from the apps, it is really useful in terms of news, and information of all the latest developments.

Androliberty – It is another very much useful moded APK site. Apart from the many mod APK’s that can be downloaded, it gives useful tips on getting the many paid features of Android apps, totally free of cost. The Androliberty also guides on rooted apps and the methods to access the same through the smartphone. There are tech news items, writings and blogs as well. There are comments and experiences also. Above given are some of the examples. If the users search more, then more websites and more apps can be found. If they become a member of some community, then all the better as they will have access to all latest releases and will also get a lot of support. There are also third party app stores where users can very easily avail the free mods of different APK’s that have paid features. The APK files can also be installed to use the mod file alongside. Some of the app stores where these apps can be downloaded include –

Get APK market – This digital store has many options and the users can download and install many of the mod apps with unlocked features without making any payment. Black mart Alpha – It is one the best rated third party app stores and very much popular with the android and mod users. After Google play store, this is perhaps the most accessed third party store. For all those users wanting to access the free version of many paid apps and enjoy many of its unlimited features, these two app stores are recommended. This is apart from the websites given above. It is very easy and simple to install the mod apps from these third party sites.

The following are the steps –

  •  Download the Black Mart Alpha APK
  • Enable unknown sources (Path – settings – security settings – unknown sources)
  • Install the APK file

Installing the Mod APK from the website –

  • Make the choice of the web browser from the various options
  •  Search and select the mod APK file to be installed (make doubly sure about the web page and its credibility. This is an advice).
  •  Download and then install the mod APK file.

So to all Android regular users who would like to go beyond the standard Google Play store, then many interesting options are there to get the mod apps. It just takes a little of time and effort and not beyond that. The only precaution that has to be taken includes verifying the sources of the apps.The Mod apps just like the other Android apps can be installed on the Android Phone, Tab and Emulators. The last one, i.e. Emulators have a high degree of importance in the Android world since developers use them to test the new games before placing it on the app store. From that angle, it can be used for the mod app running as well. A good example of this is the Blue stack Android Emulator used for running games.

Conclusion –
The big million-dollar question finally is whether mod apps should be used and is it really beneficial? At the same time, there is also an ethical angle to it since it is not an approved app. There are both sides to this aspect. Mod APK’s does give a lot of benefit to users especially for accessing features which otherwise they would have to pay. It does not mean that developers have misused mods. Most of it has been for game apps and not for utility ones. The objective is to give a better comfort experience for users. The other side says that caution needs to be exercised since ultimately it is unauthorized by the company that actually owns the app. It will affect their revenues and market standings. There is also the technical risk factor to the device.